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Join My 2016 Case Study!

Hi , it’s Lu!

I want to show you a real life example of how I personally use assets, to cover my living expenses.

So far, this year, I’ve made a little over $22,128, from the internet!

That’s around $1,844 a month!

My monthly living expenses, however, are only $1,145 a month!

That leaves me $699 in cash-flow!

By definition, that makes me financially independent, or wealthy!

I made a little over $15k, this year, from my greatest asset, my email list!

Here is the Paypal screenshot:

That’s around $1,280 a month and I only have around 850 subscribers!

As you can see, my email list brings in enough income to cover all of my living expenses, on it’s own!

Take a second and ask yourself, what bills could $1,280 cover for you?

I only added about 150 new people to my list in 2015. I didn’t understand the real importance of growing my list, until the middle of the year. It will be a top priority in 2016!

$1,280 a month, from 850 subscribers means, every person I add to my list, is worth $1.50 a month!

The more subscribers I add, the more I make a month, simple!

If you’re a member of my 2016 Case Study, you’ll get to see every step, as I grow my email list over the next year!

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I made around $2,700 this year, from the affiliate network Commission Junction…

Here is the screenshot:

That’s $225 a month, from my other assets…my blogs and Youtube videos!

What bills could $225 a month, help you with?

I didn’t really pay much attention to CJ this year…

I was too wrapped up in the customer service and order fulfillment side of my business, with my email list.

After looking over the 2015 income report, I noticed one CJ product made $1,700 in commissions this year!

That’s $141 a month from one product, and only a handful of sales…

The commissions for that particular product range from $100 – $1000!

So far, I’ve only got a few $100 and $350 sales, and I haven’t even launched a full campaign yet!

I plan on launching a full campaign on this product in 2016 though!

If you’re a part of my 2016 Case Study, you’ll get to see how I find & promote products just like this one, with BIG commissions, but very little competition!

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I made a little over $3,100 from Clickbank this year!

Here is the screenshot:

That’s around $263 a month! What bills could $263 a month cover for you?

I rent a house with a friend in West Philly. My half of the rent is only $250 a month. So I make enough from my Clickbank videos to cover my rent!

So, I don’t have to work to pay rent, my Youtube videos do it for me! This is the principle I want you to understand!

You don’t have to work for money! Not if you have assets that work for you instead!

One Clickbank video made $181 this year. That’s $15 a month. My premium SoundCloud account, costs me $15 a month…

In other words, that Clickbank video, pays for my SoundCloud account, not me.

Another Clickbank video made me $10 a month. That video paid for my $9 Netflix subscription.

Another earned $17 a month, this year, which paid for my $15 Audible subscription!

I made $818 this year from my ROIRocket account:

Here’s the screenshot:

That’s $66 a month, my phone bill is only $70 a month…

So ROIRocket, plus another Clickbank video that averaged $7 a month, pay my phone bill!

This is true wealth. Financial Independence. When you no longer have to work for money, because your assets, work for money.

This is the principle I want to instill, in EVERY person on my email list.

Even though, I know, the average person, doesn’t desire this.

But maybe you’re not average…

Maybe you’re one of the people that get it. Maybe, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

In 2016, I’m going to take a select group of people, and show them how to create assets that will generate $2,200 in passive income, from the internet.

As you can see, I was already able to generate $1,844 from the internet, this year, and I spent the majority of the year testing and going through trial and error!

For example, I made $5,800 this year, from my Clickbank and Commission Junction test campaigns…

Basically, just throwing a bunch of videos and blog posts out there and seeing which products converted. I didn’t check the campaigns, or build more links, I just moved on to the next product.

Now, at the end of 2015, I have all the data I need, in order to know exactly what to do for 2016!

I already know what Clickbank & Commission Junction products will make me the most money in 2016, because of the results I got from putting up test campaigns in 2015!

I even know the best ways to get on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, Youtube or Bing, because I’ve been testing methods since 2014! I even know the exact websites to use, in order to get MULTIPLE page 1 results, on either site, in under 24 hours!

Now it’s time to put it all together!

Join me for my 2016 Case Study, and not only will you get a gameplan, you’ll get a mindset!

A mindset, that will set you apart from every other affiliate, still chasing the shiny things, and looking for the pie in the sky solution!

You’ll think link an entrepreneur, while they think like affiliates and employees, but expect an entrepreneur’s results.

Set yourself free from the internet “rat race”, by trying something different.

Make an investment in yourself!

Click Here to Sign Up For My 2016 Case Study!

If you have any questions you’d like to ask about my 2016 Case Study, before joining, feel free to send me an email.

Otherwise, I’ll send all of your details after sign up!

I plan on making 2016 a life changing year, those who participate will reap the benefits!

– Lu