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New Clickbank Training Only $7!

Hi , it’s Lu!

Are you struggling with Clickbank?

If you aren’t making at least $100 a month from Clickbank, I want to help you!

I’m releasing a NEW Clickbank training, and it’s only $7!

That’s right, that’s WSO prices, but the info will be even better than your typical WSO!

First, I’m going show you the correct way to pick a profitable niche!

One that has BUYERS, and not just high traffic volume!

I’ll also show you how the find the VERY BEST Clickbank products to promote to your niche!

Then, I’m going to show you the correct way to review your product, for you niche!

It’s called pre-selling. The easiest way, to turn your traffic into money!

The normal conversion rate on a Clickbank product is 1%, meaning 1 out of 100 visitors you send to an offer will convert, but pre-selling can increase that number, drastically! Get it right and the money will FLOW in!

Next, I’ll show you how to drive traffic to your offers!

We’ll look at a few different platforms and methods, including one of my best kept secrets, a free to use website, that ranks on Google, Bing and Yahoo, literally, MINUTES are you publish your content!

I’ve seen pages from this site hit the first page of Google, within 4 minutes of creation, with 0 backlinks!

Then, I’m going to show you how to set up your website or video, to funnel your visitors to your Clickbank offer, the correct way!

Then, I’ll show you how to find BUYER keywords, with the perfect blend of buyer intent and low competition!

This is where most of my list, really gets it wrong! Most people chase traffic volume, when they should be chasing, INTENT! I’ll show you the difference!

And lastly, I’m going to show you the very best backlinks to use, to get ANY content to the top of the SERPS!

All of that, for just $7!

Use this link to get my Clickbank training for $7 now!