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MEGA Package Discount!

I’m not going to use a bunch of hype….

You’re an intelligent human being, capable of making a sound decision, so I’ll state the facts, and you can choose after.

In a little less than 30 days, I’ve generated over $1,700 from Clickbank &!

This has become very EASY for me…

I can do it over and over again….and I can show you how to do it as well.

My question is, do you WANT to win this time?

Do you want to know what it feels like to make $100 in ONE day from Clickbank?

Or would you like to know what it feels like to generate $900 in ONE day, using

Or would you like to do what you’ve been doing, hoping that something will change?

Does your Clickbank account look like this:

$734 This Month with ClickBank!


Does your Commission Junction account look anything like this:

$988 This Month From!


$734 + $988  = $1722!

Would you like to get these kind of results?

Well, have you ever asked yourself, why you’re not getting these kind of results now?

Let’s get on the phone and figure out what you’re doing wrong, that’s step one.

Then, I’ll give you ALL of my step-by-step fail-proof Clickbank strategies!

Use them correctly and you’ll start seeing results within your first 30 days!

It’s worked for me since 2008 and has been the most consistent strategy to date, even more than ranking websites on Google!

I’ve even taught them to my Virtual Assistants, who went on to earn $300 for me in their first month, using the same Clickbank strategies I’m going to teach you!

They had NO previous experience doing this, but they mastered it in a week, and so can you!

In This MEGA Package, I’m offering:

  1. A 10 Video Clickbank Campaign – $97 Value
  2. A 30 Minute Skype Consultation (To See What You’ve Been Doing Wrong) – $97 Value
  3. Lifetime Access to my 2014 Clickbank Case Study & (To See ALL of My WORKING Strategies Step by Step) – $97 + $83.64 Value
  4. The Secret Strategy I used to Make $900 in ONE day with Commission Junction! – $14.95 Value
  5. 30 Days of 1-On-1 Coaching (To Keep You Motivated and on Track to Meet Your Goals) – $332 Value

And until Friday, I’m offering the entire package for just $97!

If you order today, you’ll save $625!

This is an AMAZING offer, but it’s only good for until FRIDAY!

This is a discounted price, so prices go back up at 12a.m. Friday!

To get this package at the discounted price, use the link below:


Forward your receipt to I’ll contact you to get everything set up!

Youtube Videos Generating $266/m – FOR SALE!

Over the last 6 months, I’ve generated a little over $1,600 from ONE Clickbank product!


That’s roughly $266 per month in passive income!

The traffic comes from a handful of Youtube videos my staff uploaded in 2015.

I’m writing this email to let you know, these videos are now for sale!

Should you decide to purchase this set of videos, I’ll simply switch out my Clickbank ID with yours…

Everything else will stay the same, except, all sales now go to you!

Just like that, you’re now averaging $266 a month in commission from Clickbank!

So, what does something like this cost?

Generally, when selling an asset that’s already generating passive income, it’s 12 times the monthly income.

In other words, $266 x 12 = $3,192

$266 per month x 12 months = $3,192 a year

So, you’re paying me what I would have made in a year, had I kept the asset

You get the asset, which will provide you with passive income for YEARS to come. I get a lump sum to help me survive without that stream of income, until I can create another one. Cool isn’t it?

This is usually where someone would ask, “Why would I pay $3,192, just to make $266 a month?”

If you think this way, you haven’t truly realized the power of PASSIVE income.

We’re mostly trained with a “flippers” investing mentality. We want to invest $1 and make $2 back.

We need to develop the mindset of investing for cashflow, money that comes in on a regular basis, whether you work or not!

This is the REAL secret to becoming financial independent and firing your boss!

Look at it this way, you have $3,192 in the bank. If you lost your job or could no longer work, how long would that $3,192 last? How long would it put food on your table, or keep your lights on? How long would it keep a roof over your head?

This is why we invest for cashflow! So, even when you CAN’T work, you still generate an income!

The formula is simple. First you save money, then you use your savings to buy assets that generate passive income. Then you save that income until you have enough saved to buy more assets! (Note: This was the premise behind Warren Buffet’s first business, investing in pinball machines!)

You do this, until the amount of passive income you make, covers your expenses. Then, you’ll no longer have to work for money, instead all the money you’ve invested, is now working for you!

This is the difference between an investor and an employee. Money works for one, and the other works for money…which one are you?

Which one would you like to be?

Ok, so now that I’ve put things into perspective, the investment for this $266/m stream of income would normally be $3,192, but I’m going to lower the investment to $2999!

I’ll send you the links to the videos, so you can monitor them for yourself.

I’ll send you all of the stats on that product for this year. (average hops per day, earnings per hop, how many hops per order, etc)

I’ll even give you a new strategy I’m developing. It ‘s a simple hack, but done correctly, it could double the amount you earn per month, from the videos I’m giving you!

Now here are the important things, that you don’t want to hear…

These videos have earned me a consistent income since Jan, 2015. That means, they’ve been up for a year an a half, without incident, which means the videos are, for the most part, permanent. They’ve survived the flaggers, and Youtube has deemed them community friendly, so they’re what we call bullet-proof. With that being said, I can not be held responsible for your videos after we exchange ownership. Although, I would expect the videos to continue to do what they’ve been doing for the past year and a half, by law, I can not guarantee it. That’s a risk you will have to take as an investor. I don’t mean to scare you, like I said, the videos have already survived this long, but you should be aware of all risks before you make this investment, because there are no refunds once I’ve shown you the product and all the videos.

Should you decide to invest in this asset, you could expect your first sale within a week, 2 weeks max, but I generally see conversions every week from this product. It converts very well even on cold traffic, so the more traffic you send to it, the more you’ll make!

Like I said, the money is already flowing, all I have to do is, replace my affiliate ID with yours and the money will begin to flow in your direction! You could even have your first sale by the end of the day! It really does covert that well!

See for yourself, look at the dates of the transactions on this screenshot: You can clearly see, each sales is only a few days apart!

This month alone, there were conversions on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 11th! That’s around $127 in commissions and we’re only halfway thru the month!

Update Jun 17th: Another Sale For $31.86, bringing the month’s total to $158!


Update June 18th: Another Sale + Upsell for $63, bringing the month’s total to $221!


Update June 19th: Another Sale for $31.86, bringing the total for the month to $252!


Update June 22nd: Another Sale for $31.86, bringing the month’s total to $283!


Update June 25th: Sale for 31.66, bringing the month’s total to $314! 


Update June 26th: Sale for $31.86, bringing the month’s total to $345!


Update June 26th: Sale for $31.86 + An Upsell for $31.86, bringing this month’s total to $408!


Update June Total: $445.73!


This is opportunity is real!

If you have any questions you want to ask me about this opportunity before investing your money, feel free to do so, but keep in mind, I’m also going to send this offer the rest of the subscribers on my email list and it’s first come first served.

If this opportunity resonates with you, you may not want to wait, or you could miss your chance at $266 a month in passive income.

Use one of these links to secure your spot:
One Payment of $2999:

3 Payments of $999:

After payment is made, send your Clickbank ID to: I’ll have your ID in place within the hour, so you can start seeing results as soon as TODAY!

Oh yeah, you also have to promise me, you’ll send screenshots of your sales so I can brag lol!

– Lu

I’ll Do ALL The Work For YOU! Only $37!

I received this email a while ago, from one of the members of my list:

“Hey Lu just watched your videos, always learn a lot from you thanks.
I haven’t produced a dime online and know you have some services you offer but they were pricey for me but I saved almost a couple of hundred whats the best way I can maximize my ROI i have done videos …i have done the blogging…..and many others. I even took it step further with your training and ranked #1 for this keyword….and the video service you done for me which was the…..i even done that….Lu my man I believe in you , and would really appreciate your help whatever you can do , I know your busy , but just think when you were in my shoes . I could really use the help due to my situation thanks.”

You may not think I read your email, but I do…

I get a lot of messages like this, but this one moved me!

His mindset is right, he’s taken action on his own, and has even saved money to invest in my services, because he recognized that’s what he needed to get to the next level!

So his mind is right, he just doesn’t have the means….how can I say no?

For this reason, I’ve decided to re-open my Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service, but at a super-duper low, discounted price!

Before we get into the new price, let me tell you what this service is about, and who it’s for…

What is My Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service?

My Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service, is a service where my team and I, do ALL of your affiliate marketing for you! We’ll pick 4 products to promote, create written reviews for those products, post the written reviews on my blog, then build and ping backlinks to the blog posts, to get them to rank in the search engines!

Once you join my Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service, you’ll be assigned 4 Clickbank product EACH month. Once we’ve picked your product, we’re going to create a type of “BLITZ ATTACK” campaign around that product, that will literally BOMBARD Google, Bing, Yahoo with content about YOUR product!

If you were a member of my 2014 case study, you saw me do this, very successfully, with the Pick 6 Leak product! My video was at spot 1 of Google, but my blog posts took up spots 1-7!

As a result I earned an easy $100-$300 a month, from that ONE offer alone!

I’m sure you can see how this would add up, month after month!

Who Is My Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service For?

If you don’t have the time to do the work yourself, this is for you.

If you don’t have the skills to do the work yourself, this is for you.

If you don’t have the motivation to do the work yourself, this is for you.

If you think investing $100 to make $10 a month, is a bad investment, this is NOT for you!

*This service is not about flipping money. It’s not about spending $1 to make $2. It’s about putting your money to work for you, so you don’t have to work for money! This service is about investing for a “stream of income”. Money that will continue to come in, long after your investment. Remember the goal? Financial Independence. Passive income, that exceeds your monthly expenses.

So once again, if you wouldn’t invest $1000, stagnant dollars, to make $100 a month in passive dollars, this service is NOT for you!

Now, with all that being said, I’m not going to charge you $100, or $1000…

As you can tell by the title, my Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service is only $37.95 a month!

I’ve purposely lowered the price, so more people could join, but it won’t always be this low.

I’m going to accept about 20 people, then I’m going to close the doors to my Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing service.

When doors re-open the price will, more than likely, be back in the HUNDREDS!

If you want to be one of the first to get in, at this super low, discounted price, don’t procrastinate, use the link below and sign up now!

Use This Link to Join My Done-4-U Affiliate Marketing Service:

After sign up, please allow me up to 48 hours to get all of your information together. At that point I will contact you with all of your details, so we can get started!

I look forward to helping you create passive income!

– Lu

Black Friday Sale Ends TODAY!


You’ve probably already seen the previous emails on my Black Friday deals, but there hasn’t been anything like this!

I’m practically giving away sites for $25! But pay attention and act fast, most of these packages will only be sold to ONE person!


– Use the link below, to get one of my DONE-4-U websites for just $25! They normally cost $150 each. So you’re saving $125! But there are only 5 available!

– Use this link to get a month of 1 on 1 Coaching for just $97! The regular price is $997! Only 5 available!

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– Use this link to get 10 websites for just $297! That’s about $30 per site! They’re normally $150 each! There is only 1 package available!

– Use this link to get 20 websites, for just $497! That’s actually less than $25 per site! They normally go for $150 each! There is only 1 package available!
Is your package already sold out? Send me an email, I may have space for you!

Other than that, I’ll contact you after your order with more details!


– Lu

Get 200 Video Product Reviews DONE-4-YOU EVERY Month!

Watch Video for Details!

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Discover What Site I Used To Rank On Page 1, Spot 4 Of Google In Just 4 Minutes With ZERO Backlinks!



Package 1:  The EXACT Tutorial I Sent to My Virtual Assistant!


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Below are three INCENTIVIZED offers.

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Simply follow the steps, and everything should work perfectly!

If this goes well, I’ll try to do it every Friday.

NOTE: Only offers 1 & 2 Will serve as “payment” for my $97 course. The 3rd offer and country specific redirects, will only serve as submissions in a drawing. Only one of the people that completes offer 3 will be selected to get my course for free.


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Christmas + Amazon = $$$ [Only $4.95]

Discover How You Can Cash In On The Christmas Holiday Like I Did! 

*This was my first attempt, and I didn’t even try!

amazon christmas


That’s a 9% conversion rate!  Meaning 1 out of every 11 clicks will lead to a sale! So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t get any easier than this!

What You’ll Discover In This Course:

  • How to Find Products That Will Sell
  • How I Promoted My Products
  • BONUS: I’ll Even Show You Which Products Have Converted For Me Already, So You Can Sell Them Yourself!

ONLY $4.95!

Note: Don’t Close Paypal after Purchase. Paypal Will Redirect You To Your Purchase