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I typically check my email once a day, around 3-4 pm EST, at the end of my work day. Thank you in advance for your patience – Lu

5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Atul

    If i want all the hardwork done for me what is it that i have to do and what is it that you will do the subscription amount and what do i get in return

  2. Chris B

    Hey Lu,

    I know that your methods are always evolving so I just wanted to check that this service is still as profitable for you as when you recorded this video. Thanks.


  3. yesi

    Hey Lu

    Couple of questions.
    1) Does this Method still works in 2015
    2) Do i need to keep coming back to sign up every month to continue the payment. or will it be automatically taken from my CARd?


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