FRIDAYS ONLY: Get My $97 Course for Free!

Below are three INCENTIVIZED offers.

Incentive offers allow me to give you something in exchange for their completion.

If you complete them correctly, I get paid by the network, and you can get my course Make Money Online with Lu for free!

Simply follow the steps, and everything should work perfectly!

If this goes well, I’ll try to do it every Friday.

NOTE: Only offers 1 & 2 Will serve as “payment” for my $97 course. The 3rd offer and country specific redirects, will only serve as submissions in a drawing. Only one of the people that completes offer 3 will be selected to get my course for free.


Step 1: Copy Link to a Notepad 

Step 2: Place your email after the = sign. Ex.[]

Step 3: Paste URL with email address attached, into browser and go to site

Step 4: Complete offer as required


OFFER 1 – Gamefly Free Trial:[pasteemailhere]

Video games rental delivery. $5.95 per month. Try Games BEFORE you buy them.

The best way to rent & buy games -Start for only $10 + Get a Month Free!

To Get Credited: Sign Up For Free Trial With Valid Credit Card

IMPORTANT! You may see a temporary authorization hold of $20 on your debit/credit card statement. Rest assured this is NOT a charge. Most banks will release this temporary hold within 3 to;5 business days. If your card can not be charged this temporary hold this offer may not credit.

OFFER 2 – VideoStripe:[pasteemailhere]

Watch movies on your computer!:
– High quality movies
– Watch without limits
– 100% advertisement free

To Get Credited: Register with valid email, converts after credit card submit. ($1.00 Authorization Fee)

OFFER 3 – Free iPhone 5:[pasteemailhere]

Get your own iPhone 5c with a prepaid visa!

CONVERTS ON email submit page 1.

To Get Credited: Submit a valid email address

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