Imagine Getting Highly Effective, Natural Backlinks, Proven To Survive ANY Google Algorithm Update!


Do you have a video you want to get to page 1 of Google? Let me at it!

Do you have a website that won’t seem to budge, no matter what you do to it? Let me at it!

My blog network has produced, countless, 1st page results for me, as well as my clients, since 2011!

My blogs are on aged domains, and have hundreds of posts, some even have over a thousand!

My blog network is so authoritative, my backlinks show up on the first page of Google, all by themselves! 

These aren’t blog comments, or profile links, or any of those here today, gone tomorrow backlink trends!

These are Google’s FAVORITE type of backlinks

That’s why they’ve survived every Google algorithm update since 2011!

You wanted an unfair advantage? Well, here it is!


Packages are as follows:

1 Keyword   = $25/month:

Click Here for Package 1:

3 Keywords = $50/month:

Click Here for Package 2:

5 Keywords = $100/month:

Click Here for Package 3:



1 URL per order, backlinks are built 1-2 times a week (100 links a week), and reports are delivered on demand.

After your order, forward your Paypal receipt, URL and keyword(s) to

If you have any pre-order questions, feel free to ask them.

I look forward to working with you!

– Lu

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  1. Richard moore

    dont have one yet well have a couple been workin on thru wealthy affliate but goin slow lol actually what im getting at is been following your emails and was looking for a mentor to help me out your rates are very resonable compared to alex jefferys and bill hugall and the rest not trying to call ppl out just bein honest…

    1. fakankun Post author

      Thank you, it’s nice to have someone on my list that understands the benefit in finding a mentor!

    1. fakankun Post author

      That page stayed on page 1 for over a year with only 4 links. That’s a success. If we built more links the page would have been stuck for sure. The purpose was to prove how good we could do, by doing so little work. With more work, you would find even better results.


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